We just had the longest fucking day ever and accomplished 0% of what set out to do.  (at South Street Seaport)
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Anonymous said: So like, I was fingering this girl and she didn't look like she was having too much fun so I asked her whats wrong? and she said my nails were too long and it felt like someone was fingering her with a pair of scissors. When I pulled my fingers out there was blood all over them and I freaked out and didn't want her to see that I made her bleed so I licked my fingers clean and then I started licking her vag clean and she though I was giving her head. I dont feel very good now what should I do?


'Coming for your mans with my habichuela con dulce' looks 👸 (at Washington Heights)
Nothing better than having friends with good style.
New shoes ✨ #openingceremony

How do I unenroll from UConn for this upcoming Fall semester?

Someone please please help me

Post shower modernism

Photographer: Josef James Model: Anaury P